Best Screenshot Software
If users rarely used screenshots previously, they have become a common tool for all our digital devices today. We need them not only in everyday life but also
How to Take a Screenshot on Mac
Taking a screenshot on a MacBook is a necessity for many laptop owners. When you need a picture from a movie or want to send a text message,
How to take a screenshot on iPhone
Are you sure that you are aware of all the tools on your iPhone? For example, what if you are playing an exciting game or scrolling the newsfeed
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How to Take a Screenshot on Android
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How to Take a Screenshot on Windows
A screenshot is an image that can be made in one click. A special snapshot shows the screen or the working window at a specific point in time.
How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung
Mobile devices allow you to get an image of the display without using another smartphone or digital camera. However, how exactly can you take a screenshot on Samsung
How to Take a Screenshot on PC
Imagine that there is some problem with your PC. You see it on the display, but you do not know how to explain it to the technical support.
How to Take a Screenshot on Laptop
An image of the display on a laptop can be created via built-in utilities or some third-party applications that should be downloaded. The first way is good for
How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook
In everyday work with modern devices, one cannot do without the possibility to create screenshots and record screencasts. Let us understand this topic and look at both native