How to Take a Screenshot on Android

Many of us use devices with Android OS every day. Of course, it often happens that we see something interesting, important, or exciting on the display and want to share it instantly. For this purpose, a special tool was developed for both phones and tablets, and users are generally aware of at least one method of capturing the display.

However, there is more than one way to do it. Therefore, even if you utilize some method, this article will still be useful because it represents the fullest guide on capturing pictures on your Android-based device. Let us discover all the available options.

Universal Method for Capturing Your Screen

Modern gadgets are similar in their functionality and proposed tools, no matter what version of the OS they have or who their manufacturer is. Therefore, when you wish to take the picture of the display, you need to click simultaneously on the two buttons, hold them briefly, and release them, namely:

  • The volume down and the power button
  • The volume and the home button

It is quite an easy way but not always convenient. The thing is that one needs to get used to this special type of pressing. That is why when you are doing it for the first time, it may not be successful. You may accidentally turn the garget off, or the volume menu will appear instead of the desired action.

Therefore, take your time to practice a bit, and do not be upset if it does not go instantly as it should.

In addition, the owners of Android 9 should keep in mind the following procedure:

  1. While pressing and holding the power button, the menu appears that has different functions.
  2. Taking an image of the display is presented among them, so one needs just to select it.

As far as we can see, developers are constantly creating more convenient ways, so keep in touch and look for new methods that will be suitable for you.

More Methods and Useful Features

Android OS is widely used by Samsung and its devices. Therefore, if you are the owner of some gadget produced by this company, here are a few useful solutions for you:

  • In the Settings menu, there is a folder with Additional Features. Find Movements and Gestures there and enable the possibility to take instant pictures of the display with the help of your fingers. Here, you can select the direction and mode of swiping and then apply this tool to your daily life.
  • There can also exist a feature of widgets. It is generally shown in the Edge panel. If it is not shown yet, go to the Settings, select Display, and then, in the Curved screen, you will see Edge panels. Here, you can turn on the special panel for capturing swift images of some area of interest on the display.
  • Among the additional tools in the settings, there may be a special capturing one. When you enable it, the option gives the possibility to create scrolling images for long texts or big images.

The above-mentioned tools are similar for both phones and tablets. Therefore, if you are capturing the display constantly, take your time to look through the settings carefully and find all the needed features. They are created to make your life easier, so do not hesitate to try them and select the best option.

Third-party services

If you are interested in not only capturing the images but also editing them, you will find a lot of services created for this purpose. There is a huge variety of options in the Play Store. They may be free or paid and will allow you to do everything that you wish with the initial image.

Among the most popular versions, we should mention the following:

  • Screen Master. Using this program, you can select the area that you wish to capture and do it by simply shaking the gadget. The editing panel provides you with text and comments as well as different shapes and frames so you can transform the picture as you wish. Moreover, saving is possible in different formats, which makes the app especially valuable.
  • Screenshot Easy. This app enables you to select the most appropriate button for capturing images. The other options of editing and saving are similar to the previous one.

Of course, there are numerous apps of these kinds. We recommend reading the reviews of other users. If you select to try paid versions, you should first utilize the free trial period. This simple advice will help you to discover the best app according to your personal needs and wishes.

Using a computer or laptop together with your Android device

If after capturing the picture on your tablet or phone, you transfer it to a computer or laptop for further work, there is another useful solution for you. Actually, you do not need to copy anything and lose your time.

There are special programs for transferring images from your phone to your computer. They have the tool for capturing the image on the display. With their help, you will get two steps at a time, for example:

  • ApowerMirror provides this option and is popular among Android users.
  • Samsung Flow is an official app for the gadgets of the Galaxy series.

In addition, the broadcasting of an image from Android to Windows is possible via built-in tools. They give the opportunity to utilize the same Print Screen button that we generally use on a computer or laptop for the same purpose.

As far as we can conclude, a variety of tools provide you with the opportunity to create images of the display swiftly, edit them, and share them with anyone you wish. Such a possibility makes life easier and can be very helpful both for professional purposes and everyday life. Select the one method that you like the most and stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues whenever you need to transfer them something important.

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