How to take a screenshot on iPhone

Are you sure that you are aware of all the tools on your iPhone? For example, what if you are playing an exciting game or scrolling the newsfeed on a social network and see something funny that is worth sharing with friends? Of course, there are numerous ways to do it. And one of them is making an instant screenshot. If you would like to know how to do it quickly, this article is just for you.

The Most Common Ways

There are two buttons on your device that you need to press together to save the awesome moment on the screen. They are:

  • Home that is placed at the bottom
  • Power that you can find on the side

This simple action leads to a faint click, then a kind of white mist briefly hides the screen, and the picture in .png format appears among other photos on your device.

Use the power button

However, it may happen that your main button is broken or not working properly. You still can enable the required option by utilizing the virtual button on your screen.

The function can be activated through the following steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the basic options.
  3. Click on Universal Access.
  4. Activate AssistiveTouch.

After these steps, you will see on the display a light circle. It replaces the button and can perform the same functions together with making shoots of the screen. The circle is located sideways and does not interfere with the contents of your display.

What to Do if You Need Something Special?

Sometimes, you may need only a part of your display, and that is possible. You will need the ScreenshotPlus utility together with the Activator app. The latter is quite useful for Apple phones and can be downloaded in advance.

When you turn the utility on, a frame appears, and with its help, you can determine the boundaries of your future image. The size is also shown for you in case it is important. Therefore, move the frame until you obtain the satisfactory result and then click on the camera.

On the contrary, there may happen a situation when you need an image of a long text. How to capture it if it is bigger than your working area?

Another utility called BigShotJb will help you this time. It has the function of a scrolling screen and enables taking photos of the longest pieces.

Some Special Features Depending on the iPhone

What to do if you have changed your phone to the latest version? There are some changes that you need to be aware of.

iPhone X and iPhone XS

In this case, you need to press together the lock button and the volume up that are placed on both sides of your gadget.

iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Here, you will also need two buttons – turn off and volume up.

After this step is done, the resulting image will be saved by default into the corresponding folder. Then, you can find the photo there, edit it, or share it with those who are interested in it.

Third-party Programs

The editing options on the iPhone itself are not as powerful as one may wish. However, if you want to work with your images seriously, do not hesitate to visit the AppStore and download another application suitable for your needs.

There are numerous such programs. Here, we are going to describe two that belong to the best existing options, but keep in mind that there are other apps you might try.

Screenshot — Frame Maker

This app is free and allows taking screenshots of the exact part of the display or the whole area. You select the folder for saving images beforehand, and there, you will see your picture in three formats at once. This is very convenient because you can send it to any other device where the person will be able to open it immediately even if it is not an iPhone.

The program has the following benefits:

  • There is an automatic mode available that creates images of your display every 15 seconds.
  • There are numerous frames for pictures.

Therefore, if you need pictures of your screen often, it will be a good choice.

Awesome Screenshot

If you utilize the Safari browser, you may try this tool for free. The program provides the following awesome options:

  • The pictures of the exactly needed part of your display.
  • Quick editing with lots of useful features that you will enjoy.
  • Going back if something is wrong when you edit the image, so you can restore the initial picture if needed.

All that you have done is saved in the chosen folder. Then, you can send your pictures and share them easily, edit them further, or delete them.

Use Your Computer

At last, you may combine your phone with your computer and conveniently work through them as one system. For this purpose, you will need a synchronization program called Reflector and a Wi-Fi connection for uniting the gadgets.

After these steps are complete, do the following to get the picture of the display:

  1. Open AirPlay and choose Video replay.
  2. Wait for the broadcasting of pictures from your phone on a monitor.
  3. Click on the PrtScr on the keyboard when you like the image or want to share it.
  4. Then, insert the obtained result into any program suitable for you.

Now, you know an incredible variety of options for such a simple function as screenshot making. No matter what it is – a picture for your own use, for your friends, or a professional activity – you can do it quickly and efficiently. Moreover, there are different apps for subsequent editing of the obtained image.

There are absolutely no limitations in this area except for your imagination. Do not hesitate to try different options and choose the one that you like the most and that suits your needs. Do not miss a chance to capture every essential issue immediately.

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