How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Taking a screenshot on a MacBook is a necessity for many laptop owners. When you need a picture from a movie or want to send a text message, it is much faster with this tool compared to the usual copying of material.

However, not all users of gadgets are aware of the opportunities provided by the MacOS system. Learn more about all the details of this procedure and enjoy its features.

How to Take a Screenshot on a MacBook: Keyboard Shortcuts

First of all, you can combine a few keys and obtain the desired result. Therefore, you can capture everything that is on the MacBook display in its entirety, some needed parts, or even one window. The need for such actions when working on a computer appears quite often. Learn more about how this can be done.

For the full screen

The whole space is taken by the following combination:

  1. Command
  2. Shift
  3. Number 3

If the procedure was successful, the system will notify you with a sound signal, which is similar to the click of a camera. The result is saved to the desktop as a file document with the *.png extension.

Separate window

If you need the contents of one window, you need to use the following set of keys:

  1. Command
  2. Shift
  3. Number 4

After, you have to click on the space button. At the place of the cursor will appear a tool in the shape of a camera. You should move it to the required window and click there once.

Display fragment

What about the part of the screen? The method for its capturing is similar to the one described above.

Use the following scheme:

  1. Command
  2. Shift
  3. Number 4

A cross-shaped adapter in the shape of a rear sight should outline the graphic space that you want to photograph. When you remove your finger from the mouse, the result will be saved.

How to Take Your Screenshots with Special Software

If you have to edit an image made using MacOS, you will have to resort to other software. It is advisable to select one that already has the function to correct images at the output instantly. This option makes it easier to get the required image and then edit it within the same program.

Skitch program

How to get a screenshot on a MacBook or another laptop and then edit it with convenient software tools? Use the advantages of Skitch. This is a free utility, the functionality of which is not limited to snapshots. The software also allows you to edit photos. A set of options is enough for the most common manipulations:

  • Cut out the required part
  • Change size
  • Fill in the text field
  • Insert geometric figures, arrows, and markers
  • Make a selection of text
  • Sketch the unwanted part

In addition, you can select a specific part or the whole screen, as well as use a timer. As for the disadvantages, you cannot get a picture of a separate window.


What else can you use? You can get the picture of a web page or the needed part if you use the free LittleSnapper utility. The program creates a collection of your pictures.

The user also has access to:

  • adding tags
  • ratings
  • writing comments
  • simple editing – adding texts, shapes, arrows, etc.

Keep in mind that numerous programs can be used for this purpose. They may be both free or with a paid version. Here, we presented only a few, but do not hesitate to search for the one that is the best for you.

Where Are the Obtained Pictures Saved?

According to the system settings, all pictures are generally sent to the desktop. If there are too many of them, it makes no sense to keep them together. The capabilities of the operating system allow you to store files in a place convenient for the owner.

How to send the obtained picture wherever you want? Change the laptop settings and manually select a resource for storing them. It is better to create a separate folder if you do not want to miss something important.

How to select a proper folder

To achieve saving snapshots in another place, you should:

  1. Decide on a place (select the desired folder) that will serve as a repository or create another one.
  2. Indicate the address of the place. To do this, you need to type this text: defaults write location ~/Documents/Screenshots && killall SystemUIServer.

However, those who do not like to take so much time will have to find the icon of a folder created specifically for storing captured pictures, take it with the mouse cursor, and move it to the bottom line. Everything else will be done automatically.

How to Set a Timer for This Tool

It is often necessary to get what will be on the screen after a certain period. Luckily enough, in a computer from the Apple company, there is such a possibility.

You need to open the Screenshot program, click Options, and check the box Timer for 5 or 10 seconds. To disable this function, a checkmark is placed next to the inscription No in the same menu item.

You can complete the task by using the system functionality, resorting to a key combination, or installing other software.

As a result, a comparative analysis of built-in and third-party software for capturing a picture on a display can be easily made:

  • Both options are convenient and fast.
  • The possibility to capture pictures of the whole display or its part depends on the software. Sometimes, it is available, sometimes — not.
  • As for editing, it is possible only with the help of third-party programs, and their features are also different.

Now, you are aware of all the details of taking screenshots on your MacBook together with further saving and editing. The procedure is quite simple, so do not hesitate to try different ways and use the most suitable one.

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