How to Take a Screenshot on an iPad

Why may you need to capture a display of your iPad? Believe it or not, the reasons are numerous. You may wish to report a bug, solve a working problem, or just share some exciting information with your friends. The thing is that you see something worth attention on the device and do not want to lose it.

The developers of the iPad have predicted such a situation and prepared more than one solution for it. Let us find them out.

The Main Schemes and Options

Generally, you will have to use a combination of the buttons depending on the model that you utilize. The latest versions tend to be more convenient. Therefore, methods are slightly changing through generations.

With the Home Button

If your gadget has this button, which is true for older versions, use the following procedure:

  1. Open the website or app that you want to share and get the needed image on the display.
  2. Click simultaneously on the top and the home button.
  3. Quickly release them.

After this swift movement, the display will turn flash white for a few seconds. Then, the clicking sound will be heard, and a temporary small picture will appear in the corner of the display. It will mean that you have successfully captured the needed picture.

Without the Home Button

The latest versions like iPad Air, Pro, or Mini do not have any home button. What one should do in this case? Of course, the developers thought about the functionality and saved it in a bit another method.

Therefore, if you have such a device, follow the simple procedure:

  1. Open the needed picture on the display.
  2. Press together the top and one of the volume buttons.
  3. Release them at once.

After this action, the result will be quite the same as it was described in the previous case. While the thumbnail is present, you can tap on it at once to view the picture, change, or share it.

Using a swipe gesture

At last, you can utilize not only buttons but also your fingers and an Apple Pencil if you like to work with it. This method allows taking instant pictures of your display and converting them into other formats. Then, you can edit all that you have got and send it to your friends or colleagues.

First, check whether this tool is enabled on your device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select General and find Gestures inside this folder.
  3. Turn on permission for a finger to swipe.
  4. Choose Slide Left or Right.
  5. Check whether a screenshot is chosen for one of the corners.

As the needed function is set up, you can give it a try. Just do the following:

  1. Open the image that you would like to capture and place the finger or Apple Pencil in the corner that you have previously chosen in the settings.
  2. Drag it to the center of the display and release.
  3. Edit the resulting image if it is needed.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Choose the place for saving the obtained file.

These are the main methods of getting swift images of the display of your gadget. Keep in mind that you can utilize any third-party services as many of them are free and provide a full range of editing options.

Where Do I Find the Obtained Image?

If you have made several pictures of your display and then want to find them, it will be easy:

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Among Albums, find the folder with Screenshots.

In most cases, all the pictures of the display are located in it by default. However, if you edit the image, you can change the place for saving at once.

In addition, obtained images are shown in the main albums, but it is harder to find them there among all the other photos and pictures.

Editing Pictures and Sharing Them

In iOS 11 and later versions, after you capture the image, it is shown in the corner as a small picture that disappears quickly. When you click on it, you get immediate access to the editing tool called Markup.

It provides different markers, pencils, and erasers for working with a picture. Any text and comments can be added. All the tools are presented in a variety of colors. The cropping option is also available, so you can change the initial size or remove the unnecessary part.

Some additional tools become available after clicking on the More button, namely:

  • Adding an area for a text that allows commenting on the image. After you choose this tool, click on the box, and the keyboard will appear and enable you to write anything you wish.
  • Captions can be added in the same way as text.
  • Magnifier for a specific area. If there is an interesting but small detail, you can easily make it bigger with the help of this tool.
  • Different shapes and effects can drastically change the initial image.

The convenient thing about editing is that you can always cancel the last step. There is a special button for it in the corner. If, on the contrary, you are satisfied with the previous action and want to repeat it, the corresponding button will help you to do it quickly.

Moreover, the editing interface has a button for sharing the image. So, you can do what you want and immediately send the obtained result through different channels.

Altogether, if you are constantly working or entertaining on your iPad, do not forget about these easy ways of sharing information from your display. After using them several times, you will get used to them, and then, there will be no problems in capturing images instantly.

Remember about third-party services that can also be helpful, especially for professional purposes, and enjoy the full functionality of your device. It was developed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, so use these preferences to the fullest extent.

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