How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung

Mobile devices allow you to get an image of the display without using another smartphone or digital camera. However, how exactly can you take a screenshot on Samsung phones? Indeed, unlike a computer, a mobile gadget does not have a Print Screen button. Here, we share all the secrets about how these pictures are taken.

Why Do You Need Such an Image?

There are many situations when you may need to save and share the picture of your display:

  • Communication with technical support when you wish to reveal what exactly does not work the way it should.
  • Discussion of the apps you utilize or the games you play with friends and the need to show off your list.
  • Discussion of the settings of a program and plans to show a friend the characteristics that you think are optimal.
  • A meeting with someone, when you are not sure if your friend will be able to find the appointed place, so you can use the picture of the map with your designations.
  • A funny typo on an Internet resource with which you would like to amuse your friends.
  • Explanation on the creation of an account on a site or the use of a contactless payment system when you wish to make a clear instruction.

Existing Methods

There are several ways to get the desired image. Not all of them will work on every model, as there is a difference between modern smartphones and gadgets released a few years ago.

Home + Back button

This option was created for gadgets with mechanical buttons released before 2015. To utilize it, hold down these two keys simultaneously and hold for a while; usually, 2-3 seconds are enough.

Home + Power button

If your gadget has a mechanical home button, hold it down along with the power key for a few seconds. The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires both hands. It is advised to put the gadget on the table so as not to accidentally drop it.

Power button + Volume key

This option works on most gadgets released since 2017. You need to click on these two keys simultaneously and release them immediately or hold them pressed for 1-2 seconds. This function works differently depending on the model, so you may need to experiment with your gadget first to understand how to do it properly.

With the help of Google Assistant

Samsung gadgets run the Android operating system, which means that their owners have access to all Google services, including the quite useful virtual assistant. If you wish to utilize it, do the following:

  1. Say ‘Ok Google’ or use the Home button to access the tool.
  2. Say, ‘Take a screenshot,’ and this will be done instantly.

Do not forget to enable the tool first if it was turned off:

  1. Open the Settings menu and choose Applications.
  2. Then, according to your model, you will need or Select default applications or Advanced, where the default apps are located.
  3. Find the assistant here and enable it to capture the images of the display.

With Bixby Virtual Assistant

Samsung has developed its own Bixby voice assistant, which is integrated into many relatively recent smartphones. It also knows how to help you:

  1. First, you need to find this app or the special key that leads to it.
  2. Then, you have to give it a voice command in the same way as was described above.

Utilizing the Edge panel

This useful toolbar is present in most new gadgets. To turn it on, do the next steps:

  1. Open Settings and select Display.
  2. On Android 11 gadgets, move the slider near the Edge bar to the On. Or find the Curved Screen tool and activate it there.
  3. Save the changes and then utilize the appeared panel for making pictures of your display.

Via the Accessibility menu

The Accessibility menu is the selection of additional features for users with some kind of physical disability, such as those experiencing problems with movement coordination. Nevertheless, even if you are in good health, there is a function that will come in handy.

Usually, this auxiliary menu is not activated, so do the following:

  1. Open Settings and find Accessibility.
  2. Select Impaired coordination and interaction.
  3. Enable this tool.

After that, a button will appear on the display that calls the auxiliary menu, and there will be a special icon for creating images of the display.

With gestures

This feature only works on the latest Samsung models:

  1. Find the Additional functions in your Settings.
  2. Select Movements and Gestures.
  3. Turn on the tool that gives the possibility to capture the screen with your hand and select the direction for this movement.

After that, it is enough to swipe with your hand across the display to get the needed picture.

Third-party services

There is a wide variety of programs and apps that were created to help you capture high-quality pictures of the display and then edit them and share them with your friends or colleagues.

Most of these programs are offered in paid and free versions, with paid ones having additional features such as video recording, instant editing, and adding watermarks.

Where to Find the Obtained Picture?

After you have successfully done the above-mentioned steps, you need to find the created picture.

Usually, a notification occurs in the bar at the top of the display. Access to the picture is given after clicking on it. In addition, you can open the gallery or the file storage, which often possesses a special folder for the image of the display.

Keep in mind that your gadget gives you some basic opportunities for editing, so utilize them if needed. If they are not enough, pay attention to third-party applications where such powerful tools are presented.

Now, you are aware of basic and advanced ways of capturing your display, and you will never lose anything important. Choose the one most convenient for you or combine a few option for better results.

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