How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook

In everyday work with modern devices, one cannot do without the possibility to create screenshots and record screencasts. Let us understand this topic and look at both native functions and third-party applications for Chromebook.

Standard Tools

Like any other modern operating system, Chrome OS has a built-in screenshot function with support for its different versions. If you have a Chromebook with a physical keyboard, the following shortcuts are available on it:

  • For the whole display: holding simultaneously Ctrl + Switch Window or Change Window.
  • For the selected area: pressing together Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window or Change Window.

Let us discuss these and other available options in more detail.

What should I do when I need to capture a full display?

When you are interested in everything that appears on your display, you should click on Ctrl, hold it, and press Change or Switch Window. The latter rectangle button is placed on the top row.

After you have done this, a notification will appear in the corner of the desktop, which tells you about the success of the action. The obtained picture is stored in the folder for Downloads and labeled with the date and time of its creation. If you click on the notification instantly, the folder will open to show you all of its contents.

Keep in mind that these images are saved only locally, and if you want to store them in Google Drive, you need to transfer them there manually.

Capturing a part of my display

There are numerous cases when you wish to save and share only the part of your desktop. This is especially important in terms of privacy. For this purpose, the developers created the following approach:

  1. Click simultaneously and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys.
  2. While holding them, press the Edit Window key.
  3. Instead of the Chrome cursor, you will see a cross with which you can choose the needed area.
  4. After you stop pressing the above-mentioned buttons, the partial image of the display will be saved in the same way as it was described above.

All that you need for utilizing these tools is to remember the proper buttons. However, after several times of use, it will not be a problem anymore.

Utilizing a tablet mode

What to do if your Chromebook is in tablet mode and there is no access to the keyboard? There is no need to worry because even in this case, you have at least two solutions:

  • Click together on the power and volume down buttons. This simple step will capture the whole desktop for you.
  • With the help of an optical pencil, there is an excellent opportunity to select the area of interest, and it is even easier than utilizing a keyboard.

These are the main built-in tools for the creation of a picture of your display. However, you may also need to save the result and add the necessary corrections to it. The following solutions will help you.

Other Useful Features

Copying images of the display

Remember that Chrome OS does not save images at once as Windows does after clicking the combination for capturing the desktop.

If you need to make a copy and paste it into other programs, you will have to utilize the special Copy to Clipboard key. Then, you will be able to insert the picture whenever you wish.

Editing of captured pictures

Among the built-in tools that this OS provides, there is an editor for images that can be useful. If you want to access it, do the following:

  1. Open the folder for downloads, find the needed picture, and open it.
  2. Find the pencil icon that will lead you to the editing mode. When it is opened, there will be possibilities to crop and rotate an image, adjust its brightness, etc.
  3. After doing all the necessary changes, click the same pencil icon again.

If you need not only the edited version of the picture but also an initial one, edit its copy. The latter must be created manually because all the changes are saved to the picture that you open.

External keyboards

There is an important note for those who utilize a Chrome desktop (so-called Chromebox). Generally, the functions of the keys are the same as for the standard keyboard.

As for the Change Window, it is replaced with F5 in this case, so the command for the capturing of your display will be Ctrl+F5.

Third-party Services

When you require more advanced editing, it is better to utilize third-party programs and apps. They are often provided for free and give almost unlimited opportunities for capturing and editing your desktop. Here are a few popular tools.


Due to the easy interface, beginners like this one. It allows capturing either the whole display or any part of it. The advanced editing, uploading, and sending of the resulted images via different channels are available.


With the help of this tool, you can save even the longest pages in one click. There are different formats for saving the image, and sending it directly to OneNote or via email is available.

Awesome Screenshot

This app was created for the creation of swift images of the display as well as for capturing the videos you watch. Inside the editing tool, you can easily add annotation, blur the light, and do all other professional changes.


If you need pictures of web pages, SuperChrome is a good solution for you. It works inside the web browser providing the same features that we have already discussed for other programs. Moreover, it can convert your image into PDF format in one click.

Altogether, there are numerous ways to capture the desktop of your Chromebook. They are a bit different from other operating systems, but there are no problems to learn how to use these solutions. Just give them a try and select the one that suits you best.

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